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Aboo Mohammad

Response to Mr. Devolin (take two)
By Aboo Mohammad
Nov 14, 2006 - 11:02:00 AM

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Again, I would like to thank Mr. Michael Devolin for reading my articles and adding to the tally of the many readers who form part of my readership. It also gives me pleasure that he has become a critique of my work, as I am thousands of kilometers away from his home town of Ontario, and thousands of miles from Maine and Millinocket, yet I have someone keeping a tab on my work. May be I should hasten and finish off the two books I have started working on and release them soon. Who knows he may contribute to making them best sellers. For me critiques are always welcome as long as they come with truths and evidence and not distorted views to counter my work. As I mentioned in my article Ramadan, I had spent the last Ramadan in further quest for knowledge, my head dug deep in books, my headphones on listening to religious lectures and watching documentaries and lectures on videos. I am a man of knowledge and knowledge as I understand is power. So when our friend Mr. Devolin critiques my work it give me even more zeal to research more and educate myself and in turn educate others more as this is not the only place where my work is known. It recently came to my attention that my writings are appreciated worldwide, as I also write about many other issues on other websites too. As I mentioned time and time again my writings are to inform and educate my readers and build bridges and bridges the gaps that many are so intent to burn. Having said this let us get down to the nitty gritty and explain some of the Misconceptions raised by our dear friend Mr. Devolin.

"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is One LORD:" (Deuteronomy 6:4)

"And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord (Mr 12:29)

Say (O Muhammad )"He is Allh, (the) One. (Noble quran 112:1).

Mr Devolin suggests that he worships another GOD, not that which Adam, Abram, Joseph, Moses, David, Jesus, Mohamed and all other prophets came to teach about, and that I and most other Muslims worship. Maybe he worships a totally different GOD but I am certain and can show you here that the GOD I worship and write about is the same GOD as preached by all prophets. Before Mr Micheal Devolin thinks of challenging me over whether the GOD we beleive in is the same GOD before he can say they are not the same GOD let me ask if he really knows the name of GOD or not let me remind him of the following quote:

"Judaism teaches that while God's name exists in written form, it is too holy to be pronounced. The result has been that, over the last 2000 years, the correct pronunciation has been lost. (Mankind's Search for GOD, p. 225).

Let us go into a little linguistic field, although I am a linguist my self mastering 3 languages and managing in another, Hebrew and Aramaic are not my specialties. However, I can explain a few things pertaining to God in those languages as they were the original languages that Mr. Devolins bible was revealed in, as none of the Prophets spoke English or Greek.

The word GOD in Hebrew, as Mr Devolin should know, is spelled with
reading from right to left as it is a Semitic language like Arabic and Aramaic. It consists of the Hebrew letters (a lef-lamed-heh). alh - what does it spell? As we can see the name Alah is there, in Arabic, written and pronounced Allah. Same GOD, different pronounciation, one GOD, your GOD and my GOD.
This Hebrew combination of letters, when treated as a verb root means Alah. In the Milon Ben-Y'hudaah, Ivri-Angli (Ben Yehuda's Hebrew-English Dictionary) under ALH, meaning GOD, power, deity, strength.

In Aramaic the word Alaaha is used and Jesus( may the peace and blessing be upon him) the same name to communicate with his GOD, my GOD and your GOD, the almighty , creator ruler of the universe. He is alone and unique and there is none comparable to him. We have the same form
, different script of course. The letters alap-lamad-heh (ALH) as we can see make the same form of the word. Alah is present there too. You just have to look at the Aramaic translations of the bible and every where that you find GOD in the English language it is originally Alaaha in Aramaic. Since jesus and the prophet never spoke neither English nor any other European language.

An example here is clear in Isaiah 46:

Remember the former things of old: for I am Alaaha and there is none else; I am Alaaha, and there is none like me,

Take out the English word GOD and replace it with the original Aramaic see what you get?

In Arabic too we have the same root form
- this is obviously Arabic script so it is written differently but means the same.
The letters alif-lam-hah (ALH) pronounced in Arabic Allah.

The Encyclopedia Britannica has this to say: (Arabic: God), the one and only God in the religion of Islam. Etymologically, the name Allah is probably a contraction of the Arabic al-Ilah, the God. The name's origin can be traced back to the earliest Semitic writings in which the word for god was Il or El, the latter being an Old Testament synonym for Yahweh. Allah is the standard Arabic word for God and is used by Arab Christians.

The encyclopedia of the orient expands on the issue as: The term "Allah" comes from the Arabic "al-Lah", that can be translated with "the god". In pre-Islamic times, in the polytheistic religion of Mecca, there was a god that was called by this name. Al-Lah was probably considered as the highest god, but not an acting power, and therefore rarely focused on in rituals. While Islam rejects the other deities, al-Lah is described as the one eternal, omnipotent god.

So as we can see clearly that Allah is the GOD of the Jews, Christians and Muslims no doubt about it one GOD, different way of calling him and addressing him. It is only out of arrogance and pride that anyone can deny that God is one. And yes as Mr. Devolin remarks the pagans too believed in Allah as mentioned above in the encyclopedia of the orient. The Pagans believed in Allah among the other gods they believed in. He was not an idol as Mr. Devolin points out but the belief in Allah by the Arab pagans was passed down form Abraham, then they distorted the monotheism by adding more gods to there belief, approximately 360 in all. This is why Islam clearly teaches not to associate partners with Allah, as he is Unique, one GOD, my god and your GOD. I think Mr Devolin should also check the Arabic OT where Allah as written below, is mentioned so many times, before he claims it is not the name of the same GOD. Genesis 1:1 in Arabic tells us that "in the beginning Allah created the heaven and the earth". And his name is all over the OT from then on whether one likes it or not. Here is a sample of Genesis1:1-8 in Arabic:

. 2 . 3 : . 4 . . 5 ǡ . .6 : . . 7 . . 8 .

I have underlined wherever Allah has been mentioned in the Arabic bible in Genesis 1.see for yourselves.

Our Christian Arab friends use the name Allah to refer to GOD since they know that is their god and our GOD. Dr fr Labib Kobti an Arab Christian ( whom I respect a great deal) certifies for us in his website that the God of the Muslims is definitely the GOD of the Jews and the Christians.He says:

Recently Father Pecerillo, a famous Franciscan Archiologist, found more than twenty churches in Madaba at the south of Jordan. From the Forth Century we found houses in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine with this inscriptionin Arabic: "Bism El-Lah (Allah) al Rahman al Rahim" that showed that Christians were the first to use this name so as to indicate their belief in the Holy Trinity, more than two hundred years before Islam. He applies it to the trinity but as we see the name Allah was used as the main GOD by Christians proving it is the same GOD as the Muslims too.

Another proof of Allah being the one GOD of Jews, Muslims and Christians is seen is the following text:


And also our friend Mr.Devolin claims that Muhammad's name is not there in the bible but does not give any clues or evidences to back that up or to refute Muslim claims that there are loads of references. He just refuses to see and acknowledge them. There have been umpteen books and debates by scholars who have proven that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was foretold in the OT and NT. That is a topic on it own that can be tackled. May be the editor can suggest some ideas of religious discourse if he allows on his newspaper, as this is an issue that cannot be tackled in a few words. There is enough evidence out there to prove that he was foretold in the ancient scriptures. At least the Jews of Arabia recognized him and agreed he was the prophet mentioned in their scriptures.

Mr Devolin claims that Muhammad (pbuh) borrowed wholesale from Judaism, where does he get that claim from as he does not back up his claims with any evidence that is because he does not have any evidence to back up. Islam is derived from the religion of Abraham and as I showed above from the same GOD, prophets were different, languages different but the message was supposed to be the same.

Collier's CD-ROM Encyclopedia says: The belief in such a god is not surprising in view of the well-established hypothesis that monotheism is not a product of polytheism nor, in the history of the Near East, an offshoot of the pagan religions of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, Greece, or Syria. The belief in one God that inspired Muhammad is not derived from primitive Arabian beliefs, nor is it a full carryover from Biblical religion, for it had a strong native foundation. It differed, furthermore, from the great religions of antiquity those of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Phoenicia in its basic affirmation of one true God.

So we can see clearly that there was no borrowing from anywhere as Mr. Devolin tried to make us believe. The OT tells us prophets committed Incest, adultery and many other heinous crimes. The quran refutes this, if Muhammad (pbuh) copied wholesale for the OT why did he leave these parts out. Also Mr Devolin has never read the Quran since in my last article Did Mohamed write the Quran. I showed that in no way could Muhammad (pbuh) have written the Quran so he could not have done any borrowing from anywhere. It was revealed to him by GOD my god and your GOD like it or not. In my last rebuttal (if we can call it that) to his critique I requested he comes with evidence for claims he makes. It is easy to say things but not easy to prove them.

The Bible says Prove all things and the Quran too says produce your proof if you are truthful.

Actually I was just thinking of something funny I would like to share with you before I conclude. At the time of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) when he used to go around preaching his message there used to be one of his uncles who, whenever he (Mohamed) spoke to someone, used to go to that person and ask him, what did Mohammed say, what did he tell you? Dont listen to him, he is mad or he is a poet or he is a Sabian and so on. This man was known in his lifetime and even mentioned in the Quran as Abu Lahab the father of the flame (I think he was nicknamed so because of his status in the hereafter, as the verse of the Quran says Chapter 111: He will be burnt in a Fire of blazing flames!)

So we have Abu Lahab, Mr Micheal Devolin, keeping a tab on all my writings and countering my words and so on. Just the same as what Abu Lahab used to do with the prophet Mohamed (pbuh). There are many other issues he raised that I was unable to refute due to shortness of time, may I can keep them in mind for other articles. But I still encourage him Abu Lahab to follow my writings around and critique them, may be one day GOD will bless him with the Light of guidance and I will pray for him. Unlike the real Abu Lahab who died and perished for the hell fire.

I leave you with the greeting of the prophets until our next encounter, Peace be with you.

For I know thy rebellion, and thy stiff neck: behold, while I am yet alive with you this day, ye have been rebellious against the LORD; and how much more after my death?

For I know that after my death ye will utterly corrupt yourselves, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands.

"How can you say, 'We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us'? But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie (From the RSV Bible, Jeremiah 8:8)

© Copyright 2002-2013 by Magic City Morning Star

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Aboo Mohammad
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