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Aboo Mohammad

In Response to Michael Devolinís "Apologist for Islam"
By Aboo Mohammad
Jul 1, 2006 - 11:22:00 AM

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Re: Mr Devolin's Letter

First and foremost I would like to thank you for reading my article, and for being among the many who read my articles. I think the editor would agree that my articles in the Magic City News are very popular and very well read. I used to think that my readership was only in the US but due the that mass of fan mail I receive I have discovered that my readers are from everywhere even, Britain, USA, China, Tunisia , Pakistan, New Zealand, The Middle East and now to add on the list Canada. Thank you so much for adding to my ratings and thank you so much to all who read and appreciate my writings. I waited until now to respond because I waiting for more readers and may be more critics of the same kind I look forward to critics too since it encourages me to write more and better quality materials for my beloved readers. I write mainly to educate people about Islam and to bridge that gap that exists between Islam and other faiths and create better understand among people and faiths since there are many evil people out there who create a lot of lies and cause a lot of hatred for others and create a lot of hatred in particular for Islam.

I was however every disappointed with your letter, I had hoped that as a critic you would offer a substitute or an alternative, rather than just criticize Islam or my writings. I thought may be you would have written about the beauty, if any, about you religion, your prophet or your book. This is usually what happens when one criticises another product or anything else it is to show something better. So may be we can look forward to some more constructive criticism that offers an alternative and also that offers evidences to back up ones claims.

I personally have never read Mein Kampf, as it has never interested me but I read a thread in a Christian forum where it said Hitler was actually Christian (no offence to my Christians readers here). There was even lots of verses posted from the OT and NT that he often quoted from, although I have read the Quran but I have never seen any verse that coincides with Mein Kampf what was posted on that forum. I assume you have read Mein Kampf fully and the Quran too otherwise it would be unjust and unwise of you to make false assumptions, seeing the OT says one shalt not bear false witness. So I am sure with your profound knowledge of Mein Kampf and of the Quran you may be able to quote some verses and compare. As far as I know GOD did not confer with Hitler when he wrote the Quran. And if Hitler added anything in his book taken from the Quran then Islam is not to blame. But I actually doubt there isanything in Mein Kampf from the quran. Please I would be expecting to learn from your profound knowledge of Mein Kampf and the quran and how they preach the same message. Please no half truths and twisted verse, but just absolute truth.

To add another point, the "Janjaweed" has nothing to do with Islam, even at work when joke around with my sudaneses colleagues calling them "Janjawed" they refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with them. They are a mafia so to associate them with Islam is like associating the Army of GOd in africa with Christianity.So only those who spread untruths and half truths would associate them with Islam.

There is nowhere in the Quran that demands the extermination of any race whatsoever and I challenge anyone to bring me any verse or chapter that gives the open license to blatantly kill and massacre innocent civilians. And those who have honestly read the Quran in itís entirety know this is true. However the same verse can be found in the OT where indiscriminate killing of women and children is ordered. (Read the book of Numbers 31:17) Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

Please keep reading my writings, and keep the criticisms flowing in.

Peace be with you all

Aboo Mohammad

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Aboo Mohammad
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