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Aboo Mohammad

In Defence of the Truth (continued)
By Aboo Mohammad
Feb 9, 2006 - 12:25:00 AM

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In line with the cartoon issue about the prophet Mohammed responses from many people on this site and others has prompted me again to follow up my first article of the same title.)

ďThere is none other worthy of worship but Allah and Mohamed is the final messenger of AllahĒ.

This is the foremost pillar in Islam, the belief that there is only one true GOD and that Mohamed (peace be upon him) is his last and final messenger. The belief and conviction in this is what makes a Muslim. This is the Article of faith, the testimony that makes or breaks a Muslim. The prophet Mohamed being part of that article of faith means so much to 1.2 billion Muslims. In the Quran Muslims are required to enter into Islam fully meaning in a way not to make Islam just lip service and also to practice the religion in full.

The second part of this article of faith implies to following, the full teachings and revering and emulating the life and ways of the prophet (Peace be upon him). Muslims follow their religion very strongly unlike many other faiths where there is just belief and no works, Islam is based on the teachings and good works of the prophet (peace be upon him). Muslims tend to be more sensitive about the issue of their faith and belief, even more than other faiths. Muslims tend to implement the requisites of his religion more than many other followers of other faiths. A simple example is that Jesus for instance had a beard just like other prophets and also Mary the virgin covered herself in the veil something that Christians take very lightly and even many fundamentalist Christians of today do not practice. However since the prophets of the past and also prophet Mohamed (peace be upon them all) put great emphasis on growing the beard and that a woman should be covered, Muslims who adhere fully to their faith, make no mistake but to follow these teachings and many more. For a true Muslim, the words and actions and teachings of the prophet Mohamed are so dear, as precious as his own self. The Prophet fasted much and asked his followers to do too, many Muslims, in love with their prophet follow his actions and ways so much so that many (including me) live, eat, drink, sleep, dress live the rest of their lives the way he did and advised his followers to do so. Christians on the other hand do not give prophet Jesus such reverence; Muslims actually revere prophet Jesus more. The bible even gives the permission to blaspheme the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), it says that those who blaspheme Jesus will be forgiven but those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

Mr. 3:28 Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:
Mr. 3:29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.

So most Christians wonít even care if Jesus was depicted naked or treated as being Gay or any other issue, Christians would take it with a pinch of salt. Some have said Jesus was married to a prostitute Mary Magdalene, this is blasphemy of the highest order and others even said Jesus and his Disciples were gay because he was always surrounded only by men all his life. All this should cause a big stir but since religion is not of much value nowadays no one gives a damn. So as the verse mentions all shall be forgiven no matter even if you blaspheme God and Jesus. Today most Christians go to church only for births, deaths or marriages; religion today is old talk for many who I have discussed with. So for them and so many others, say as you please and do as you please concerning GOD and Jesus. Only very few Christians I have come across have a direct relationship and connection with GOD otherwise it is Just lip service. Any person who was born into a Christian home and or had Christian parents or some sort of upbringing considers himself or is considered to be a Christian. When you fill in forms of any kind in ďreligionĒ most would put Christian even if never go to church or never practice their faith. We can call them Christians by name only. Most would celebrate Christmas just for the partying and drunkard ness and would not link in anyway to Jesus (not that it has any link with him). There are thousands of depictions of Jesus, all looking entirely different and those who have those depictions all claim that it is Jesus. Some donít care whether it is really him or not as long as it depicts someone looking like him being Crucified hanging on across and dying for their sins.

However Islam is a different story, Muslims have great love for their prophet and even the worst Muslim would still fast in the month of Ramadan and go to mosque even only on the Friday. So the worst of Muslims even would be offended by any remarks whatsoever made about their religion and their prophet. One thing Muslims would never do is blaspheme God or any prophet and neither would they tolerate anyone else doing so even if people had blasphemed the prophet Jesus(peace be upon them all)

Now to the issue of the cartoons depicting the prophet Mohamed, First of all the prophet Mohamed strictly forbade any depiction of him in any way whatsoever, just look what happened with Jesus being idolised, this is just one of the issues, Muslims are angry. Why? The Quran was urinated upon by Christians, (even by name only) Muslims were expected to Shut up and say nothing. Muslims were tortured in prisons and are still being so around the world by Christians (even by name only) we all saw about Abu Ghuraib and Gitmo. Muslims were expected to shut and be good citizens, which they all did. Many cried in their hearts and remained silent and turned the other cheek as the rest of the world expected them to do. Muslim lands and resources were being stolen under false pretenses and the mass of the Muslims was expected to remain silent and most did. Muslim women were raped and humiliated still Muslims were expected to remain and they did.

I hear some say this issue of the cartoons took place in September why raise the issue now. Delegations were sent from that time to try and solve the problem but the leaders of Denmark blatantly refused to talk to them under the pretext of freedom of expression. The Muslim scholar have since then been rallying support and traveling to Muslim lands and showing them what was done in the name of our dear prophet, so for those who question why Muslims did nothing until then, many were not aware of the situation and also now when the delegation had been refused access and they came back to their lands and reported then Muslims were made aware of it. The scholars did what they can to keep it as Quiet as possible. Even last week during the Friday prayers Scholars and imams around the world have been unanimous about applying only boycotts to Danish products. That is all that was sanctioned by Muslim scholars not the burning of embassies and so on. Most Muslims even the most radical of scholars have sanctioned only the boycott. These actions were the work of a few and as usual the west will take Islam to task for the actions of a few. However they will never agree to blame Christianity for actions of the lip service Christians. They will never shoulder the responsibility of the Quran being urinated on, nor the Mosques and Qurans in fallujah which were painted with crosses on the wall, the torture of Muslims in prisons was considered by the west as a isolated incident and Christians were not taken to task nor was Christianity. So, Why the double standards? Why always blame Islam for the actions of some Muslims but run and hide under different pretexts when Christians have done worst.

These Danish Artists depicted among one of the twelve drawings of the prophet Mohamed as a terrorist with a bomb on his turban. Do you expect 1.2 billion Muslims to just sit and say nothing? Some people vent their anger in different ways even if Scholars have told them it is wrong. So stop blaming Islam for all the sins of this world and look at your own people who lied to take your nations to war against Muslims, do you justify their actions, would you make excuses for them, Western leaders Christians who say GOD has spoken to them and asked them to wage war against Muslims. So are their actions Justified, when the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamyan the west went to war with them and decided to raze Afghanistan to the Ground and turn it into a parking Lot. Was that Justified, they had offended religious icons too and the west declared war on them under the banner of Terrorism. Isnít that worst than burning a few embassies? Not that I condone the actions of those Muslims who did this but before they call Our prophet a terrorist look carefully who the real terrorist are. By insinuating that the prophet Mohamed was a terrorist they are calling all his followers 1.2 billion of them terrorists too, and for those who have knowledge of the Prophet Mohamed will know very well that calling him a terrorist because of the actions of a few of his follower is a fallacy and a great injustice. I wouldnít be surprised, however when it is coming from nations who live their lives according to lies and injustice and corruption. Most of them know nothing of Islam and the Prophet Mohamed; ironically they are the people who refuse to even educate themselves about the truth.

Before I conclude just a note from one of my readers who sent me an email, The Guardian of Britain ran an article that the same Danish newspaper had rejected cartoons about Jesus under the following heading:

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons
Gwladys Fouchť and agencies
Monday February 6, 2006

Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have caused a storm of protest throughout the Islamic world, refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus Christ, it has emerged today.
The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.

In April 2003, Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten.

Zieler received an email back from the paper's Sunday editor, Jens Kaiser, which said: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them." (The Guardian)

Read for yourself and donít die in ignorance, Christians donít care if they offend Muslims but they sure do not want to offend their own. So for all those ranting and raving about Islam not being peaceful and that Muslims are overreacting, I would have wanted to see what they would have done if the Jesus cartoons were published. I am sure Muslims would have fought a war to protect the integrity and honour of the Prophet Jesus.

I wonder where freedom of the press went in this case. Does it apply only when they blaspheme Muslims, just like when coalition soldiers are captured by muslims then the west talks of Geneva conventions but when Muslims are captured then there is no Geneva Convention and all sorts of torture is meted onto them in the name of FREEDOM.The world could run the most offensive cartoons of Saddam, Bin laden and the others every day 24/7 if they wish it will make any difference to muslims, but when they attack our prophet whom they know nothing ofor our religion, then muslims have the right to get angry.

Lands of corruption, lies and double standards God watches over you and donít think he does not see or hear you. Fear GOD, donít die in ignorance; search for the truth, and it will set you free.

Read the Quran, the final testament.

Until our next encounter I bid you farewell with the greeting of the prophets. Peace be with you

Aboo Mohammad

If you want to know more truth about Islam and Discuss with aboo mohammad please click here

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Aboo Mohammad
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